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Free essay: athens vs sparta during the times of ancient greece, two major forms of government existed, democracy and oligarchy the city-states of athens. The two superpowers of ancient greece were the city states of sparta and athens what led them to prosper surprisingly, they came to power in extremely different ways athens had rich art and culture, while sparta was training the toughest warriors in greece as time passed, the two would change. Athens vs sparta comparison tasks of spartan women the main task for spartan women in their society was to raise strong spartan boys. By 371 bc, athens and sparta were again war-weary, and in 371 bc a conference was held at sparta to discuss another attempt at a common peace. Athens vs sparta ~ city states general 1 the development of the greek city-states •independent city-states developed in greece as the hellenic age began.

Commentary by adam c wolfe athens vs sparta: the academic-military divide i n the bitter winter of 1777, amid great deprivations and flagging morale. A powerpoint showing the key similarities and differecnes between the two main cities in ancient greece: athens and sparta ideal to be shown as an opener to the lesson, comes complete with task/activity at the end. As mentioned previously, athens and sparta were two of the most influential city-states in the ancient world they both held sway over the history of ancient greece and to this day have spawned much comparison and analysis.

Take the quiz make sure to show ms cain you score. Which is better, sparta or athens why what were the advantages of living in athens vs sparta before the peloponnesian wars, which city-state was better:. Athens vs sparta daily life sparta cons athens pros women and social structure women & social structure economy sparta's slaves can not be set free slaves are set free economy in our polis, women can: instead of relying on trade, sparta relies on farming and conquering daily life most children. Ancient greece: sparta vs athens pretend your name is poliphus, and you're living in ancient athens with your family athens and sparta are at war. Sparta vs athens in ancient greece there were two different major forms of government, oligarchy and democracy the two city-states that best represent each.

Athenian culture the people of athens - known as athenians - believed in their own cultural superiority in athens, there was a great. Land of two kings while athens was trying democracy as a form of government, its rival sparta had two kings one king might stay at home. Athens vs sparta so what’s the difference between athens and sparta these great, ancient greek cities were rivals at some point,. Download the peloponnesian war, fought primarily between the powerful city-states of athens and sparta from 431 to 404 bce, was the greatest armed conflict the civilized world had ever seen. This fantastic pack includes our sparta vs athens powerpoint and worksheet in one handy place for easy download.

What is the difference between athens and sparta in athens, a democratic government existed in sparta, an oligarchic government existed. In this lesson, you will explore the societies of athens and sparta and discover how they interacted in the persian and peloponnesian wars then. If you had the choice between living in ancient athens or ancient sparta which, would you choose - athens vs sparta introduction while one stands for democracy, the other stands for war.

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  • The difference between sparta and athens is that in sparta, the ruling government was a military government, while in athens, the ruling government.

Athens vs sparta worksheets - showing all 8 printables worksheets are comparing athens sparta student work, athens vs sparta. What's the difference between athens and sparta the cities of athens and sparta were bitter rivals in ancient greece geographically they are very close to each other, but have sometimes had very different values, lifestyles, and cultures. Check out the online debate athens vs sparta (athens lets just say is pro, and sparta is con.

athens vs sparta Quick visual on the differences between spartan and athenian life. athens vs sparta Quick visual on the differences between spartan and athenian life. athens vs sparta Quick visual on the differences between spartan and athenian life. athens vs sparta Quick visual on the differences between spartan and athenian life.
Athens vs sparta
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